Rand/rand_isaac/10 MiB

PDF of Slope Regression

Additional Statistics:

Lower bound Estimate Upper bound
Slope 8.8125 ms 8.8347 ms 8.8648 ms
Throughput 1.1016 GiB/s 1.1054 GiB/s 1.1082 GiB/s
0.9986451 0.9988440 0.9984766
Mean 8.8143 ms 8.8358 ms 8.8622 ms
Std. Dev. 16.809 µs 57.079 µs 78.315 µs
Median 8.8055 ms 8.8134 ms 8.8278 ms
MAD 9.3149 µs 20.070 µs 36.249 µs

Additional Plots:

Understanding this report:

The plot on the left displays the average time per iteration for this benchmark. The shaded region shows the estimated probability of an iteration taking a certain amount of time, while the line shows the mean. Click on the plot for a larger view showing the outliers.

The plot on the right shows the linear regression calculated from the measurements. Each point represents a sample, though here it shows the total time for the sample rather than time per iteration. The line is the line of best fit for these measurements.

See the documentation for more details on the additional statistics.